DCEN Presents: The Hard-Edged Advocacy of our DC Riverkeepers

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Over the years the DCEN has participated in many advocacy campaigns with the goal of restoring area rivers by defending the Clean Water Act, promoting new river protection policies and generally representing the interests of our river resources in our nation's capital city. In the last few decades, it has sometimes become necessary for organizations like Earthjustice, DCEN, Friends of the Earth and our local Riverkeepers (and others) to engage in more aggressive strategies to protect our rivers from harmful actions by government and other large-scale polluters. When these moments have materialized it has often been the Potomac and Anacostia Riverkeepers who have been the first to engage and take action. Our local Riverkeepers have also been willing, and are often the first to consider, the use of litigation (sometimes in partnership with other organizations) to achieve important goals. It has been clear, over the last few decades, that the only way to get the attention of government and others who would pollute our rivers or put barriers in front of river restoration efforts, is for some organizations to take the extra step and lead efforts, which sometimes means litigation, to defend our rivers. The Anacostia Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper have been that organization time and again. It is also clear that all of us who work each day on restoring area rivers have benefited when other organizations, like the Riverkeepers, have been willing to engage in hard-edged advocacy. This courage and leadership has made all of our work that much more effective.

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