Give the Gift of Clean Water this Holiday Season!

There are many reasons to support Potomac Riverkeeper, but perhaps the most important reason is you care about clean water. Make a gift today! Your investment stays in the community and is put to work protecting and restoring local rivers and streams. Your gift will support the following goals in 2014:

Sewage overflow in the North Branch1Pollution Monitoring & Control: We promote healthy river ecosystems and safe drinking water by identifying, stopping, and preventing pollution in our rivers and streams. We also advocate for stronger laws and regulations to reduce pollution and uphold the Clean Water Act. Support these actions now!



Cows in the Shenandoah2. Green Farms, Clean Water Initiative: Out in the Shenandoah Valley we will continue to survey and monitor farms and issue Agricultural Stewardship Act complaints when needed. We are also committing ourselves to the goal of getting every herd of cattle out of the North Fork, South Fork and Main Stem of the Shenandoah by the end of 2015! Help clean up the Shenandoah!


Riverwatcher out paddling3. Citizen Advocacy: This year, in partnership with Chesapeake Commons, we developed and launched the Water Reporter, a mobile app for iPhones that allows citizens to report pollution to us with a click of a button. This tool will allow our Riverkeepers to identify potential sources of pollution and advance effective citizen advocacy. Show your support for community action HERE!