Island to Island Paddle!

Joe Hage

Island to Island Paddle 2012

Whit Overstreet and Joe Hage completed another epic canoe and kayak trip! This year from August 16 through August 25, they paddled down the Potomac River from Sycamore Island all the way to the Chesapeake Bay at Smith Point Virginia, then crossed the mouth of the Potomac at its widest section to Point Lookout Maryland, a total of over 165 miles! Read the blogs below and view the photos and map to learn about their adventures and enjoy the Lower Potomac from your own computer.

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Island to Island 2012 – Daily Itinerary

Wednesday August 15:  Sycamore Island Club to Fletcher’s Boat House
Departing from Joe’s home island, Joe and Whit will run the Class III/IV rapids of Little Falls, the last whitewater on the Potomac of the fall line before the river becomes tidal underneath Chain Bridge. Read More...

Thuesday August 16, 8:30am: At Fletcher’s Boat House Joe and Whit will get into their sea kayaks, which they will paddle for the remainder of the trip, all of the way to Point Lookout State Park, where the Potomac meets the Chespeake Bay. Read More...

18.5 miles

Friday August 17 – Joe and Whit Hard Bargain Farm at 8:10 in the morning and to our surprise, way ahead of schedule. Learning from last year and their great struggles against the tide, their new model to paddle with the tide is proving itself to be much more effective. Read more...
16.5 miles

Saturday August 18 – It’s not easy packing all of your living essentials into a crammed kayak! Joe packs up to leave General Smallwood State Park and make the 19 mile journey to Aquia Landing. Read more...
19 miles

Sunday August 19 – Whit and Joe got an early start leaving Aquia Landing today and got a beautiful view of the river on their way to Aqualand Marina. Read More...
24 miles

Monday August 20 – Remember when I said that Whit and Joe’s newly improved model to paddle with the tide was proving to be a big success? Well, they didn't quite make it on their journey to Westmoreland State Park. Read More...
19.5 miles

Tuesday August 21 – Whit claims this is the best paddle he has ever had on the river! "It was like paddling throught the land before time..." Read More...
17.5 miles

Wednesday August 22 – Whit and Joe are not only setting out on a journey to solidify their connection with the Potomac, but they’re also opening a window for you to look through to experience the river for yourself; to experience her wildness, her mystery, her covered wounds. Read More...
16.5 miles

Thursday August 23 – Winds were so bad today that Whit and Joe encountered 2ft waves on their paddle! No worries, Joe will just surf them! Stay tuned as the guys make their final river crossing. Read More...
16.5 miles

Friday August 24 – Imagine this, paddling out into the river, surrounded by water, not being able to see your destination, relying on the navigation of a compass, all the while getting hit by class 3 waves and fierce winds. That is what Whit and Joe were up against on the last day of their paddle. Read More...
14 miles

Saturday August 25 -- Post Trip Party:   Despite the rain, about 40 hardy people joined Whit and Joe for a party at the Jefferson Islands Club on St. Catherine’s Island to celebrate the end their trip! Colonel Josh and the Honky Tonk Heroes (Joe is the drummer) played lively music while guests enjoyed shrimp and fried chicken while Whit and Joe told stories from their paddle.

Island to Island 2012: Taking a new course down our Nation's River- Read Whit's follow up blog post here!

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