Pure Potomac

Georgetown Waterfront Park

Welcome to Pure Potomac, where a healthy river and safe drinking water starts with you.

The human body is 70% water, which comes primarily from the water we drink. If you are one of the six million people living in the Washington area, chances are the Potomac River is the source of your tap water as well as the water used in the soda, tea, and other beverages you drink. That means that we are more Potomac River than anything else!

We believe that the best drinking water comes from a healthy river, which is why Potomac Riverkeeper, together with local businesses, non-profit partners, and individuals just like you, has launched the Pure Potomac Program—to ensure that everyone in our community understands where their drinking water comes from and how we can all help protect it!

What's in Your Drinking Water


What You Can Do to Create a Pure Potomac?


Pure Potomac is an initiative of Potomac Riverkeeper. To get involved contact keeper@potomacriverkeeper.org.