Congressman Jim Moran Praises Vicki Blazer at Potomac River Gala

Monday, June 13, 2011 - 8:17am

Yesterday, we held our 9th Annual Potomac River Gala on the banks of the river. House of Sweden was the perfect setting for Potomac Riverkeeper members to celebrate the river and to recognize recent accomplishments. Dr. Vicki Blazer was the recipient of our Protector of the Potomac award. Congressman Jim Moran was on hand to present the award. Rep. Moran praised Vicki’s unyielding determination to find answers to the intersex fish problem in our rivers. Moran noted the intersex fish are our “canary” – a warning that there is something wrong in our rivers and he said that it is imperative upon all of us to get the message out. Combinations of endocrine disrupting compounds are the likely culprit and everyone in the Potomac River watershed – and other watersheds that have the same problem – need to let their friends, neighbors, colleagues, everyone know that we have to protect the source of our drinking water. You can do this by checking out Pure Potomac and get involved.